Gnomada Games is a one-man project by Luis Valoyes.

I design simple, casual games for Android, because that's pretty much the kind of games that I normally play.

Some of my games may have a dark concept and/or a twisted sense of humor, mostly because I create games that I want to play myself, and that's what I like, however my intention is not to attack or hurt anyone with my small and silly games. If for some reason you feel offended by any of the content that I include in my games, I'm really sorry about that.

I only use original and Public Domain artwork for my games. Any resemblance to any copyrighted material is a mere coincidence. I will be happy to remove any material that could be misleading.

I'm not a big fan of ads myself, but the few cents that I receive from my games keep me motivated, so yes, my games will continue to display ads. Sorry.

Have fun!